As a hip-hop lover, you gotta get yourself blinged out! When you’re out hanging with the homies, you don’t want to look like a wanksta, due to your lame old style. Instead, you’ll want to get yourself some fly jewelry, so you can show off your swagger, fit in with the alpha males and attract those hot shorties. If you want to achieve each of these tasks, without a lot of effort, you’ll want to check out the Jumbo 24k Gold Plated Hip Hop Chain Necklace from The Bling Factory. Is this bling worth a homie’s money? You’ll find out below!


After hours and hours of watching hip-hop videos, you begin to learn how to dress like a gangster. The most important aspect of your appearance is the chain! Not any old chain is going to cut it. Instead, you need a thick chain that is very long! It needs to hang down near your waist, so it’ll sway back and forth, when you strut around like a true player! The Jumbo 10 mm Necklace is truly perfect in this category. The necklace is 10 mm in width, so it is definitely wide enough. At the same time, you can customize the length to satisfy your preferences. Available length: 30″.

Truly, you cannot go wrong with a 30-inch chain, so the Jumbo Dookie Rope Chain Necklace is a great value.


It is essential to know that this rope chain is not solid gold. Instead, it is manufactured from brass, which is premium 24K gold plated. Of course, this is actually beneficial for a broke homie. The Jumbo Rope Chain perfectly replicates the appearance and feel of solid gold chains, but doesn’t come with the wack price associated with it! Whether you’re a successful hustler or you frequently find yourself digging through the couch cushions for quarters, the Jumbo Chain is reasonably priced and will allow you to add a little extra bling to your arsenal.

Also, the entire chain weighs about 1 pound. You better have the strength to carry around this bad boy.


If you’re unfortunately well familiar with cheap jewelry, you already know that a lot of cheap pieces are fitted with terrible clasps, which just won’t last. Once the clasp has been damaged, you’ll no longer be able to wear your bling and benefit from its glory. With Bling Factory’s Jumbo Chain, you can rest assured knowing the clasp is built to last a lifetime. The lobster claw clasps is capable of supporting the 1-pound chain, without a bit of problems.


The most notable pros associated with the Jumbo 30mm Gold Plated Chain Necklace can be found below.


  • 10 mm in width
  • Available in 30 inch length
  • Brass platedwith 24K gold
  • Appears and feels like solid gold
  • Lobster claw clasp is capable of lasting for an extensive period of time


Despite all of the benefits noted above, the Jumbo chain isn’t entirely flawless.


  • Might be a little too long for some playas


At the end of the day, The Bling Factory has definitely hit it out of the park with their Jumbo 10mm 24k Gold Plated Dookie Rope Necklace. If you’re man enough to tote around the 1-pound weight, you should definitely consider decking out your appearance with this piece! You’ll be glad you did!