Hey there homeboy! Are you looking for some flashy rose gold grillz that won’t break da bank? Look no more dawg. These grills are supa kool and incredibly inexpensive! It comes with the top and bottom teeth, so your entire mouth can be decked out with bling! These darker brass colors are especially unique in the world of cheap hip hop grillz.

Everyone has a different taste when it comes to jewelry. Some prefer silver or platinum while others like gold or gold plated jewelry. We can all agree in one thing tho: when picking the right accessories for ourselves, we demand the very best quality and most unique on the market. That needs no explanation. But, if you think about it gold and silver plated blingz are pretty common, so if you wanna stand out from the crown you need something else. If you take my advice you go with rose gold grillz or rose gold plated blingz. These darker autumn type of brass and copper color tones reflect warmth and trust. It’s just simple color psychology.

In addition to the stylish color tone, it’s totally iced out with crystals that look like diamonds. To make matters even better, the package also comes with reusable silicone molding bars. Some people have trouble with the molding process, but these bars are hands down the most user friendly molding kits ever. This is no doubt a big pro bro! The best features of this grill set will be listed below.

  • Affordable and won’t empty dat wallet
  • For upper and lower teeth
  • One size fits all of the homeboys
  • Top grill got bump texture, bottom grill is iced out
  • Included instructions for effortless molding
  • Even works on a crooked tooth!

All in all, deez rose gold grillz are downright perfect. They’re great for everyone, regardless of messed up teeth or an empty wallet. If you wanna look flashy and show off your bling, without breaking the bank, these are a no brainer! Check ‘em out!