Man, are you looking for some tight gold plated grillz, which will give you that bling? This product is top of the line and will attract attention from across the club! With this playa set, you can show off your bling, without emptying that wallet. The one size fits all setup ensures this grill will work exceptionally well for you or your homeboy. Not to mention that you’ll instantly become a member of the royal family now, how does that sound?

Have you heard about Prince Harry? Man, that guy got laid more times than all the NBA players together, not kiddin. Though he’s gotta keep some royal rules in mind thanks to the Queen, but you don’t have to worry about none of that. This top and bottom set makes sure you have the swag of a king. Might as well just sit on a throne in this while sippin that gin n juice. It has more diamond lookalike gems on it than a suburban housewife when going through her mid-life crisis. Top that with 14K gold plating and it’s a no brainer.

You don’t have to spend your hard earned money on dental accessories that aren’t even guaranteed to fit your teeth or your taste. One of the coolest features is the included instructions and reusable silicone molding bar. Regardless of the size of your teeth, mouth or grill, deez accessories will ensure that the fronts will fit into your mouth perfectly! Note that this product might not be suitable for crooked or broken teeth. By following the simple instructions, the bling will be precisely molded to fit your mouth, so it’ll never fall out and hit the ground. Bing bang! My favorite features are listed below:

  • Affordable set that looks exceptional
  • Premium 14K gold plated and sparkles like a diamond
  • Easy to mold to the teeth
  • One size fits all
  • Covers upper and lower teeth

Man, these gold plated grillz are for sho one the best! The diamonds never fall out and they’re affordable! We even have a free shipping policy regardless of which state you live in. Aesthetic and classy accessory for a true connoisseur. If you got good taste for quality jewelry, you check ‘em out right now!