Check out the 14K Player Style gold grillz!

The 14k gold covers brass metal, so you can guarantee that this flashy bling will last forever homes! They fit great and the plating sparks like a diamond, but unfortunately they are not suitable for crooked teeth because the resizable silicone molding might not hold tight. So, if you got crooked teeth, you better visit the dentist or check out the other products on our site! Whether you looking for a gift for the homie or want to deck out your own grill, you can’t lose with Deez. The best features are listed below.

You can be allergic to certain types of jewelry like silver, but not this one. The molding silicone is basically a rubber-like polymer. Ain’t willing to go into the scientific details, but we use this material everyday and the structure is somewhere between plastic and rubber. The teeth are made of brass metal, which is a metal alloy made of zinc and copper. (That’s nuff of science for today.) We all know the shine is the most important part: this one has 14 carat on it, which is more than most b**chez wear on their rings. Besides, no one can tell the difference between real gold and this plated piece. You can get yourself any kind of gold grillz, but not this cheap. Custom mouthpiece sets usually have a higher compatibility problem rate but if one size fits all…it fits all

So, how does this work? Not difficult at all. Just put the grillz and the silicone molding in hot water and wait for it to smoothen, chew on it and you done. The set comes with instructions and it’s pretty fool proof so you ain’t gonna have no problems. If you mess up just put it in hot water over and over again until you got it right.

But why do we need those cheap grills anyway? Easy. The game is not only about the illest hip hop fashion but expressing ourselves, right? The whole culture started when Flavor Flav started rockin deez badass jewelz. He actually wore some like this product! Who wore dem better Bambaataa, Big Daddy Kane, Curtis Blow or Flav? What matters is how they look on you.
It symbolizes realness and staying true to thug life. It represents the whole hip hop lifestyle like other blingz, baggy pants and hoodies. Tho you shouldn’t use them in the studio…always better to understand the lyrics.


  • Flashy, shiny and affordable
  • Top and lower teeth
  • 14K gold on top of brass metal
  • Can be molded for a perfect fit
  • One size fits everybody
  • Built to last

At the end of the day, this grill set is outta this world. They’re flashy, classy, affordable, and fly. If you want look like a playa, you gotta get the Player Style hip hop mouth grill today! Not only will you look like the greatest rappers of all times but will definitely represent the real gangsta style. Have I mentioned, that it comes with free shipping on all orders?