This may not look like a cuban link chain in a traditional sense, but if you wanna be a playa and want to truly show off your swagger, you gotta deck yourself out with some flashy bling. As a gangsta, you gotta have a bunch of jewelry, including watches, bracelets, grillz, and a freaking long necklace. Let L&L Nation hook you up, by purchasing the Men’s Cuban Link Gold Chain. Is this is the best bling for your money? You’ll be able to find out, by reading the comprehensive review below!


As a hip hop lover, you gotta recognize that it is impossible to show off your bling, if your necklace is short. A real gangster needs a super long chain, which is going to attract a lot of attention. On top of that, you need a neck bling as thick as your forearm. This cuban link necklace definitely fits both classifications. At 30” long, you can guarantee that chain will hang down low and sway back and forth, as you strut your stuff. Of course, the real kicker is the fact that the chain is fully iced out! For the price, this is truly excellent and will give you the ability to attract all da ladies in da house!


Before handing over your cash, you need to take a look at the metal associated with this chain. Although this chain isn’t legitimate solid gold (tho 24K plating is just as good), most people won’t be able to tell the difference. The gold tone necklace is actually brass, which has been plated with premium gold. This combination helps to ensure that you’re able to blend in with the millionaire homies, without spending a million on your jewelry. The jewelry looks and feels just like gold, so your homies and shorties won’t know a thing.


In order to sport such a chain, you gotta get yourself a very strong clasp. The chain is fairly heavy and a cheap old clasp isn’t going to cut it. L&L Nation knows this and provides a lobster claw clasp with the necklace. This type of clasp is strong enough to support the weight of the chain, without a problem. The clasp is easy to remove and will undoubtedly withstand the test of time.


Although the L&L Nation Iced Out Simulated Diamond Cuban Chain Necklace might be a little costly, it’ll definitely deck out your appearance. The pros associated with this bling will be provided below.


  • 30 inches long, so it’ll sway and glimmer when you walk
  • Lobster claw clasp is excellent and built to last
  • Chain is 24K gold, thick and awe-inspiring
  • Looks and feels like solid gold, without the enormous cost
  • Affordable for even the most broke homies
  • Tons of diamonds will make you light up like a Christmas tree in the club


This hip-hop jewelry is undoubtedly great, but it does have a few minute cons that should be noted.

  • Chain might be too long for wankstas


All in all, the Men’s Cuban Link Gold Chain Necklace is a great buy for the majority of homies. If you absolutely love bling, but can’t afford the high-end goods, this chain necklace is truly a no-brainer.