As a gangster, you want to make sure that you’re dressed to impress. Although your attire and clothing are important, you should never neglect your bling. With the right accessories and jewelry, you’ll be able to attract more attention and make yourself shine from across a room. If you want to be able to do just that, you’ll want to check out the 14k Gold Finish Bracelet from L&L Nation! Below, you’ll find a comprehensive review for this bling.


First and foremost, it is essential to look at the metal type of this jewelry. Although the jewelry is classified as 14k, it is actually brass plated gold. The 14k gold is wrapped around the brass. This helps to ensure that this bling will deck out your style, without breaking your bank and emptying your wallet. Of course, your friends and homies will never be able to tell the difference. The jewelry might not be legit, but it looks and feels like it.


As a hip-hop fan and a truly playa, you’ll want to make sure that your chain is thick and lengthy. This specific package includes a chain and bracelet. The chain is 30 inches long. Although it might not be as thick as those worn by those multimillionaire rapping superstars, it comes pretty dang close. The necklace will hang down fairly low and you’ll become the envy of all of your friends.


To make this jewelry even more appealing, L&L Nation will provide you with a free pair of cube earnings! Not only will you receive the iced out chain and bracelet, but also you’ll be able to complete the entire set with the cube earrings. The only thing that is missing is a nice, flashy grill. For the price, the combination of jewelry is ultimately a steal!


Some cheap jewelry can be problematic, due to faulty clasps. If the clasp breaks, you’ll lose your bling and your money will be wasted. L&L Nation has fixed this problem, by utilizing a very durable snap-locking clasp. Each and every piece in the set is equipped with clamps, so you’ll never have to worry about your chain hitting da floor.


All in all, there is a lot to like about L&L Nation’s stash of bling. The biggest benefits of this package set will be provided below.


  • Nearly a whole set at a low cost
  • Necklace and bracelet are 15mm thick and gorgeous
  • Chain is 30”, which is great for those that desire a lengthy chain
  • Bracelet is 5”
  • Looks and feels like legitimate gold
  • Fee pair of earrings with the purchase
  • Cubic zirconia gems
  • Snap lock works well and is built to last


Although this hip-hop jewelry is undoubtedly fly, it might not be right for everyone. Be sure to take the cons into account, before following through with your purchase.


  • Chain might be a tad too long for some


At the end of the day, L&L Nation is definitely hooking a brother up with their Fully CZ Iced Out Chain and Bracelet. If you want to deck out your swagger with some additional bling, but don’t wanna break the bank, you should definitely consider purchasing this jewelry set!