An In-Depth Buyer’s Guide with Comparison: Get the Desired Swag on Budget

What are open face grillz?

open face grillzHaven’t heard about them? It’s basically the hottest grill trend currently. Even Jaden Smith got one for his mom’s, Jada Pinkett Smith’s 45th birthday, which is way more creative than just buying a bunch of flowers. Want a million dollar smile? Go for the open face style. Although her son brought jewelers to the house to get a mold on her mouth, it’s not necessary, because you usually receive free molding kits with your product.

What’s so special about this type of mouth jewelry you might ask? People occasionally refer to them as gold frames because your teeth are fully visible underneath the jewelry. Your teeth are not completely covered by the noble metal material, which makes it more hygienic. Not to mention that the costly tooth whitening wouldn’t make sense at all if you fully covered them.

Materials used

The noble metal type you choose for your jewelry totally depends on your taste and what you prefer. It’s worth noting though that some materials can cause allergic reactions. This is the main reason you should be careful and take the time to learn about the products before purchasing anything. Educating yourself is always important.

One of the most common metal allergies is caused by nickel. The symptoms include itching, rashes, redness or even blisters. Just imagine this happening in your mouth caused by a grill utilizing cheap materials. Now, that’s what I call an unpleasant experience so always look for the nickel free sign if you’re not sure what the bling is made of.

Stones, gems

This particular grill style doesn’t utilize stones, pearls or any other type of gems often as a decoration. No wonder – those thin frames aren’t suitable of carrying stones. Some custom made dental jewelry may be partially or fully iced out, but those have higher prices. If you’re looking for iced out grillz, (not open face grillz) click here.

10K, 14K, 18K Gold. What Do These Mean at All?

You don’t have to be a jeweler to know that Carat signifies the purity of the gold. The higher the number, the more gold the jewelry contains. Okay, but how does this help me choose the right item, you might ask. Let’s see some numbers:

  • 24 karat = 100% Pure gold.
    This is considered to be the most valuable one,
    however it’s not resistant, doesn’t last long
    because of its
  • 22 karat = 91.7 % gold
  • 18 karat = 75.0 % gold
  • 14 karat = 58.3 % gold
  • 12 karat = 50.0 % gold
  • 10 karat = 41.7 % gold

Why should you buy an alloy instead of pure gold? It’s simple. The higher the amount of gold, the easier to break, bend or deform it. It is true that higher purity has higher value, but durability is something that should be taken into consideration. 14K is usually the best value for consumers on budget. Although the 10K is the most durable alloy it tarnishes easier. I wouldn’t recommend anything higher than 18K.

Why Should You Choose the Open Face Style?

The answer is simple: it not only represents class and elegance, but it’s the hottest new grill trend and – as mentioned before – is more hygienic. If you love hip hop, the culture and the music as well, you’ll love bling. You have to make a statement and express yourself. What better way to do it than to rock some shinies around your neck, wrist, ears and teeth of course? If you want to know more about where to buy open face grillz, just scroll down a bit and you’ll find links to them.

So, the fact that you are reading these lines right now is the perfect evidence of superior taste when it comes to grills. We both know what I’m talking about: we need the very best products available without settling for less! If you want to know where to buy the best open face grillz in 2019, then this guide is created just for you. When determining the top 3 dental products, our goal was to find the highest value for our money by examining these accessories one-by one. Which means, the list only contains oral jewelry that incorporates the ideal quality-price ratio. To be completely honest we have found some absolutely dreadful grills that were either overpriced or manufactured from the cheapest materials. After a long and tiring testing period, here are the results.

The Best Open Face Grillz for Sale

14K Gold Open Face Set

1. The 18K Gold Open Face Set

This is obviously the best looking of all three, though that is a matter of taste. It might not be the one you’re looking for but it’s undeniable that the highly valuable 18K gold plating makes this mouth grill special and fancy. It’s a bit thicker than most of the gold frames on the market, which enhances it’s durability and offers the wearer more comfortable usage. As you can see this piece has a unique design. I’m not only referring to the shiny noble metal plating but to its 4 open frames on the top and 4 on the bottom. 4 on the sides are fully covered, which makes them just more attractive. The oral bling comes with molding bars, instructions.

The Metaltree98® Silver Plated Top & Bottom Set

2. The Metaltree98® Silver Plated Top & Bottom Set

Unlike the previously mentioned one, this one of a kind masterpiece utilizes 4 vampire fangs: 2 on the top grill and 2 on the bottom grill. These teeth on the sides are also covered, which means the grill is not fully open face therefore has a stronger construction. It looks and feels reliable in every aspect. If you are into silver, then this product is for you. Have I mentioned it also comes with reusable silicone molding bars? No? Well, it does. And instructions for the molding as well.

The 14K Open Face Vampire Teeth Hip Hop Grills

3. 14K Open Face Vampire Teeth Hip Hop Grills

The moment you notice the famous Bling Cartel Inc. logo you know you’re looking at some fine quality product. They just never fail at producing the best blings. Shiny 14K gold plated brass metal that includes the silicone molding bars and the instructions as well. In case you worry about molding difficulties: just don’t. It’s easy as a pie: simple molding at home within minutes. You just put it in hot water, wait for the bars to soften, chew on it and there you go: you can now wear those shiny ass grillz!

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