What up dawg? Are you looking for some tight fangs that won’t empty ya wallet? Look no further than the Cross Iced Out Grillz! The 14K gold plating provides the perfect shine for this bling. Tottaly iced out mouth jewelry with vampire fangs? I’m in.

What are your expectations when choosing the right oral jewelry? First of all, it has to look sick, original, unique and has to represent your personality. That’s pretty obvious. Besides these aspects there are other points you should consider looking into. I’d say that the most important is that it has to be quality. Now, that doesn’t mean expensive, it only means that the noble metal and stone components have to be spot on quality. This 14K gold iced out fangs set offers that. In addition to excellence in quality, durability is guaranteed as well. No one wants to wear blingz that lose their color, corrode, bend or break after a month. Of course, you have to take care of all the jewelry you own by cleaning them regularly with the right equipment and proper chemicals. If you need some help with that check out our jewelry cleaners section.

The product comes with everything you will ever need and one size truly fits all. The reusable silicon molding bars guarantee the perfect fit. Whether they going to adorn your teeth or you going to give them to a homie, the one size fits all setup ensures the grills will fit to perfection. Just follow the simple instructions and they will be molded to your teeth, within a matter of minutes! Talk about easy! The item’s coolest features will be listed below:

  • Awesome 14K gold plated grillz with fangs!
  • Cheaper than most other models
  • Tons of diamonds and they sparkle beautifully
  • Can be used by all of the homies
  • Included instructions make molding easy

Some people have had trouble with the molding process, but this isn’t a problem. The included instructions make the entire process simple, quick and easy enough for any homeboy to pull off. Crossed iced out grillz with fangs are suitable for everyday usage…tho momma might be mad if you wore them on Sundays at the church. Anyway, check out this item for yourself!