Hip hop jewelry is becoming more and more popular, as we speak. Everyone is investing in this stylish jewelry, because their favorite rappers are strutting their stuff, while wearing chunky chains and rings. If you want to replicate your favorite rapper’s style, you should definitely consider investing in the Qiji DJ chunky metal chain. Below, you will discover a comprehensive review and much more about this bling jewelry.


The DJ chain is constructed out of alloy, which is basically a metal created by combining more than one metallic element. The alloy material is very durable and strong, so it will endure the test of time. This necklace is no ordinary piece of jewelry, because it is heavy and corrosion resistance. It is available with 14K gold or platinum silver plating, so you can customize your personality to suit your preferences, plus the price tag is so affordable that you can easily invest in both styles.


The pendant measures 2-1/2” H X 4.65” W, which is fairly larger than most of the competitive brands. The “I DO” and microphone is embossed in rhinestone to give it the bling that you are striving for. The boom box or tape recorder has two black enamel dots, which represent the speakers. All in all, you cannot beat this flashy pendant, especially if you want to draw a lot of attention to your style.


The alloy chain measures 18.90” in length and to give it a little more length, an extender is attached to end loop, which is part of the fastener mechanism. The extender adds an addition 3.54” to the overall length of the chain, so you can easily customize a fit that is suitable for your needs. The heavy duty link fasteners attach the pendant to the necklace. In fact, these links are very durable, so you will not need to worry about it detaching from the chain.


Not everyone has thousands to spend on expensive gold bling jewelry. If you do not want to be excluded from the opportunity to join the hip hop world, just because you do not have a huge bank roll. The Qiji necklace is very affordable and does not give off the impression of being cheap. You can actually wear the necklace to your favorite hangout and no one in the crowd will even question its authenticity.


  • Constructed out of durable alloy material
  • Pendant measurements – 65” W X 2-1/2”H
  • Equipped with an extender chain, which is 54” in length
  • Available in silver and gold tones
  • Extremely affordable
  • Lobster claw clasps for more security
  • Metal weight – 66 ounces


  • They say it’s for females only


Overall, the Qiji DJ chunky chain necklace is a steal. It is designed to offer durability, while giving you that bling hip hop style that you have always dreamed of. You will definitely be surprised with how heavy the necklace actually is, but it will not weigh your neck down or make you feel uncomfortable. Instead, it will fit around your neck like it was meant to be there.