What up, my sistas? It don’t matter, if you are trying to attract the homies or just wanna look fly, you need a mouthful of jewelry. This is a great piece of bling that can provide you with lots of benefits and also looks like something that Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Kim or Iggy Azaela would wear to the grammys. Wanna be the next Missy? Pimp your teeth with silver grillz!

To start off, these mouth fronts are very affordable for the average broke peeps. Most silver grillz that can provide this type of bling are going to be expensive. Now, this doesn’t mean you ain’t got cash and certainly doesn’t represent that. It shows that you have a desire for beauty and fashion and you committed to hip hop. Who said that you have to spend thousands to rock a bling like that? What I’m tryina say that it might be cheap, but it gives looks of a ghetto princess. Express yourself as a woman: wear it to parties and smile so those shiny diamond lookalike gems can blind the homies. The top piece silver platinum sockets hold 20 transparent and 20 pink stones, while the bottom one has 18-18. You read it right: silver platinum! These are usually so expensive that they are often used in the medical field for example surgery equipment.

What about the size? This piece will fit inside any mouth no matter the size, because you can adjust the shape of the silicone bar and the back hooks. Just put it in some warm or hot water and adjust it to your teeth. (It’s obvious, but don’t put it in your mouth while it’s really hot or you’ll burn yourself.) You can do this at home and it only takes a few minutes. No problem if you’re stuck during the process: instructions are included for easy molding.

Let’s summarize what we get for that incredible price: Both the top and bottom mouthpieces and the reusable silicone molding bars are included in this purchase price. Also, included with the purchase of this product is an instruction booklet that will walk you through installing the product. These are plated with pink and white diamonds, so this product is suitable and recommended for all the ladies. Continue reading below to learn about the most notable features of this shiny mouth set.

Notable Features

  • One size fits all
  • The purchase includes top and bottom pieces
  • Instruction manual included with purchase
  • Pink and white diamonds provide an amazing look
  • Very cheap
  • Blingy and shiny silver grillz

At the end of the day, this is truly a great product that can provide any broke sista with lots of swag. Stay true to yourself and keep it real. I’m sure bros will appreciate the effort of pimping your mouth for them. I know I would…