Yo bruh have you been searching for some rose gold fangs? Look no further. You can customize Deez to fit you perfect in a matter of seconds. If you can read, you can understand the instructions, which are included in the package. It only takes a couple of seconds to shape to perfection, plus the silicone molding is reusable. Be sure to clean it every time you take them out though. In the jewelry cleaners section you can find some useful products that can clean your grillz properly.

14K gold for this price, is that even possible? Sure son. Haven’t you heard of rose gold jewelry before? Gold is a noble metal that can be colored in many different ways, but usually jewelry like this piece is colored by creating alloys with other noble metals. By utilizing copper or silver with different proportions in an alloy you can produce white, rose or even green gold. Now, this does mean that the quantity of gold is less in the newly created alloy but the quality stays the same. You don’t have to worry about the appearance of rust because these types of alloys don’t corrode.
So, if they produce great looking grills like this rose gold fanged beast and put a cheap price tag on it, then it’s a no-brainer. The majority would go for something with flashy stones or diamonds on it but it’s fine to differ. Sometimes simplicity is just more unique.

This top and bottom slim set comes with reusable molding bars, which is really useful because it preserves the longevity of the product and they won’t wear off easily. One size fits all grants that you can sport deez even if you have crooked teeth. By holding the molding bars under hot water they soften enough to adjust them to your teeth to hold the grills tight. Top Width: 1,97 in (flat without bending)
Bottom Width: 1,57 in (flat without bending)

Shame you ain’t heard about deez rose gold fangs for now, but to help you hope, a list of features is listed below:

  • Comes with reusable silicone molding bars
  • User friendly
  • Plated with 14K rose gold
  • Super shiny
  • Fits broken or decayed teeth
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Cheap

Bout time you spent your money on something worthy man. These grillz is the hottest on the market, plus they cheap. These grillz are just as tough as Lil Wayne’s solid gold teeth, but much more swag. Don’t worry about buying the perfect size, cause 14K rose gold fangs are one size fits all.