There aint nothing snazzier than a top and bottom vampire grillz set. Now, if you wanna go all out, this is one way to do it, cause these 14K gold pimped mouthpieces are bright, shiny, and will not break the bank. We review these products so you can make the best decision. Man, forget Twilight and everything about those vampire wannabe lil’ kids, this is the real Wesley Snipes Blade type of s**t! Just lay back in the club, pop a bootle of Pinot and enjoy the frightened look of peeps thinking you drinkin blood with fang grillz.

There is a large variety of fang grillz you can choose from not only on our site but on Amazon as well for example. These teeth caps may differ in color or style but they all got one thing in common: when you wear them they can cause a mass hysteria like in the early 18th century in Romania. Yes, those were basically just legends about blood-sucking creatures, but it was enough to scare the living s**t out of people. Hell, even Beyonce wore them on magazine covers and concerts. That doesn’t mean tho, that they’re only for the ladies. Remember Eddie Murphy’s Vampire In Brooklyn? (How bad was that movie man…)
The point is, that with this product now you can become a Vampire In Houston or in Jacksonville or Los Angeles or wherever you want!

Fang Grillz for Everyone!

Forget 10k gold teeth caps. You need 14k cause it shines like a big oiled twerkin ass. Simply beautiful. The high quality jeweler’s brass guarantees durability while the premium gold plating provides the bling. The package comes with reusable silicone molding bars for the perfect fit. Put it under hot water and adjust it in your mouth, tho be careful with temperatures above 170F cause the stuff may melt. All parts are FDA approved so you have nothing to worry about, they’re perfectly safe for your mouth. If you get a top and bottom set for this cheap then it’s a no brainer. But how much is cheap for these mouth grills you may ask. Find out availability and prices on the bottom of this review.

The most notable specifications of the 14K gold vampire grillz set.

  • Nickel and lead-free materials
  • Premium-grade 14K gold plating
  • 6 Teeth on bottom and top plate
  • One size fits all
  • Super easy to follow instructions
  • Hip hop fashion (bling, bling)

These vampire grillz are legit man and they feelz solid. My teeth has never been shinier. Da price is right and aint nobody gonna be able to tell how much you paid for them. When you invest in a mouth piece like that, you will feel like a TV Johnny. The shine don’t ever fade away and the design is stupendous. You will have em fitted and in your mouth within seconds, just follow the instructions, you won’t be disappointed. It is a solid promise, keep it real!