Privacy Policy


There is truly no doubt that everyone deserves his or her privacy. This is why we felt it pertinent to put together a comprehensive privacy policy. Although our website does collect minor information from visitors, no information is ever given, shared, traded or sold to other. In fact, the only purpose for collecting information is to better our site in one way or another. By utilizing your information, it is possible to configure a site, which is more enjoyable and much more user friendly. It is our goal to remain transparent in terms of your information and we strive to keep guests returning as often as possible.


Types Of Data Collected And Purpose


Our website collects email address from our visitors. However, a comment must be left, before your email will be collected. Once we’ve obtained your email address, we may utilize it to remain in touch with you, if there is a need to do so. Take note that your email address will remain protected and it will never be passed on to any other entity.




Whenever you utilize the Internet, it is highly likely that your browser will capture cookies. The websites that you visit will automatically collect these cookies and integrated the included information into your web browser. The tracking cookie maintains a minor amount of information, including the date of the visit. We’re unable to identify anything too revealing through the use of a tracking cookie. Instead, these cookies are designed to provide you with more relevant information and an overall improved experienced.




All of the content on this website is protected by copyright laws. If you feel the urge to utilize the content on this site, you should first make contact with the Webmaster. Copyright laws protected website owners from having their work stolen or reproduced by others. Any third party, who has broken these laws, may face the risk of legal action. Although you may freely browse and read the content provided, it is pertinent to abide by all copyright laws. Contact the site owner immediately, if you desire to repost any content elsewhere.


Understanding Browser Cookies


Browser cookies have already been explored above. Cookies are nothing more than a minute text document, which allows websites to identify and track anonymous users. Many Internet users are unaware of the fact that websites actually gain permission from their computers, before they’re allowed to pass along their cookies. This agreement helps to ensure that you only receive cookies from websites you’ve visited on your own accord. Other website’s cookies are blocked, until you’ve visited their site in person. Also, it is possible to manipulate your web browser’s settings, in order to refuse any and all cookies, if desired.


How Cookie Information Is Used


Once you arrive on our website, the site will immediately interact with your browser and read your unique cookie. By doing this, the site will be able to identify you and set you apart from the rest of our visitors. We consistently keep an eye on the overall success and popularity of our website. This is where the cookie proves to be immensely beneficial. By analyzing cookies and server logs, we’re instantly able to determine how many visitors checked out a specific portion of our site. This analytic information, when accompanied by user feedback, gives us the opportunity to better our website in various ways. Just take note that your cookie does not contain any personal or private information, which could potentially reveal your identity.


IP Address


In all likelihood, you’ve heard of the phrase IP Address at some point or another. Although this may seem like a complex concept, it is truly very simple. When your computer connects to the Internet, your Internet Service Provider will assign it a unique IP address. Typically, the computers, within your network, will all utilize the same IP. When visiting our website, your IP address is logged. In this type of scenario, the IP address is used to provide you with information, which is relevant to you and your location. IP addresses logged by our servers are never utilized in a devious way.


Selling, Trading Or Sharing


History has shown that there are numerous websites that sell their user’s data and private information. In fact, a lot of sites have been able to profit immensely from doing so. Rest assured knowing the group behind this website never practices this type of behavior. We despise companies, which sell their client’s information and we will not tolerate spam. Since we hate both so enormously, you can maintain your peace of mind knowing we’d never do either to you.


Disclosing Information Legally


Although it would be incredibly rare, there may come a time, when it is in the best interest of the public to disclose a user’s private information. If we’re inclined to do so by law, we will pass along a previous user’s private information. This will only be done, if we’re required to do so by a governmental agency or a law enforcement group. If the public’s safety can be maintained by releasing a user’s information, this website may be inclined to do so.


Third Party Links


Our website has the right to link to third party websites, but please note that we do not have any control over these websites. We most often only utilizes thirty party links to assist users in locating relevant data about a particular product or topic.


Consent from Users


When utilizing our website, you automatically agree to comply with our policy. You must also agree with our collection data process, which involves your personal data, as documented in this policy. We reserve the right to make policy alterations, at any time, without notice.


Data Security Is Our Commitment


Currently, our databases and servers are stationed in the U.S.A. It is our responsibility, as a website owner to safeguard and prevent others from accessing your personal data, mundanely or digitally. American laws require all website owners to protect all subscribers’ personal data and keep it out of reach of those looking to deviate it for a personal gain.


Potential Ownership Changes


We do not have any future plans to sell this website, but in the event that this occurs, we will transfer all assets to new owner. This includes your personal data, website content, and etc. The new owner also must take full control and responsibility of the Privacy Policy, website, and your personal data, after the procurement.


Right to Make Policy Changes


We reserve the right to make modifications, manipulations, and alterations to this Privacy Policy at any time. We work diligently to notify all of our subscribers via e-mail, when changes are made of any kind to the Privacy Policy. These alterations will be made public on our website, so all visitors will know to review the once-over the new Privacy Policy. It should also be noted that we do not share or sell your personal data for marketing purposes or otherwise. We have and will continue to protect your personal data with the utmost discretion.