Has Hip-Hop Become The Most Popular Music Genre In Today’s Society?

Hip hop is the most popular music genre in 2018

According to a recent report it has been stated that hip-hop has finally surpassed rock in terms of album sales. This is the first time in history that this has ever happened and it is a truly momentous occasion. In addition to this, eight out of ten most popular artists came from the R & B genre. It was really no big surprise that Drake and Kendrick Lamar took the first and second spots. Kendrick’s popular album “DAMN” was one of the years most purchased albums. A lot of industry experts are contributing this increase in the genre to the rise of on-demand audio streaming. Whatever the reason for the rise, the producers, artists, and even the fans are reaping the benefits.

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One of the most impressive things about this news is that the album sales almost matched the online streaming numbers. So, almost every time an individual listened to a rap song online, he or she later went out and purchased that album. This says a lot about the loyalty of the fans and the talent of the artists.


Just take a look at some of these numbers:


Kendrick Lamar’s album DAMN made 2,167,000 song sales, 910,000 album sales, and 2,430,372,000 on-demand sales. Taylor Swift’s album Reputation only had 420,661,000 on-demand sales, so you can see the huge difference in the genres.

hip hop's most influential figure8 out of the top 10 artists of the year came from the rap genre, which is quite impressive as well. These artists were ranked: Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Future, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd, Post Malone, Eminem, and Lil Uzi Vert.


The latest reports show that on-demand streaming made an impressive 59% growth in the year of 2017, as compared to the year of 2016. Suffice to say, hip hop remains one of the hottest genres in the world and that is unlikely to change anytime soon.

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