Diamond Cut Grillz: A Connoisseur’s Choice

Some people have no idea what diamond cut grillz are, especially if they are not really into hip-hop music. These are engraved fronts for the teeth often worn as jewelry by famous hip-hop artists and many other superstars. Thanks to hip-hop culture, these luxury items are fast becoming a popular choice for jewelry collectors.


In the earlier days there were people who decided to have one to two gold crown pieces put in their dentures. Today gold is used as a grill in the mouth. While it is an extravagant product, you don’t have to spend a fortune on them: you can still buy an affordable model for yourself.

These Products Are Not Dentures

It’s important to emphasize this because some people still think they’re actual teeth replacements. Although they are similar to dentures there is a significant difference. Dentures are used to fill the gap and look like real teeth. On the other hand, solid noble metal (or plated) mouth grillz mainly have an aesthetic function.

Get Your Oral Blings From A Professional Or A Trusted Store

We assume you intend to wear your grillz on many occasions, so you should get it right the first time. It is true that a professional grill maker will take an imprint or cast of your teeth and create a custom jewelry to fit your mouth perfectly. But it’s a common misconception that a grill maker is inevitable for the process: you can do the molding yourself at home. The right fit will help prevent damages that may occur. Not to mention quality. Buy from trusted sellers only: you don’t want to end up putting some rusty garbage in your mouth, do you?

Appearance Of Diamond Cut Grillz In Hip Hop Culture

Some people in the hip hop industry like to call this style ‘the d-cut’, which is refering to it’s looks: they look like if your favourite habit was chewing on scrap metal! Although it may be unknown to some people, this style has been around since the early 2000s. However at that time it did not become as popular among hip hop fans as it is now.
It’s safe to say it’s one of the hottest trend in the fashion and music industry. If you see artists who rock these badass caps in their mouth while performing, it usually means that their album is selling successfully.

Choose Wisely

The good thing about instant grillz is that you can easily remove and clean them. There is no need to personalize them to the actual shape and size of your teeth, with the use of silicone molding bars you’ll feel comfortable wearing them. Remain cautious and buy your diamond cut grillz from an official distributor only. Doing this will ensure your safety aside from giving you your moment of fame.

The Sceptics

Some people will see these items as a ridicule and are not at all interested in it. The illusion of their superiority denies wearing gold on their teeth. Of course, hip hop artists and the community reacts to this. We stand strong. It is not all about vanity. For us it is also a form of a social statement.