Hey there dawg! You looking for some flashy gold fronts? Want to add some pizzazz to your smile? This grill measures 3/8 by 1 ¾ inch. Whether the homegirl is twenty feet away or right up in yo face, she won’t be able to ignore this badass jewelry.

There is no better way to represent real gangsta lifestyle than by wearing a golden semi-automatic assault rifle on your teeth. We are not supporters of actual firearms or violence in any way. Though we have to give some credit to the creator of this bling because it looks absolutely sick.

The AK-47 gas-operated rifles were developed in the Soviet Union by a guy called Mikhail Kalashnikov. This particular firearm was used by the Soviet Army after World War II but after decades it’s still the most popular rifle due to its cheap production costs. It’s still the primary weapon of a few countries’ army. With it’s affordability no wonder street gangs consider this as one of the best weapons worldwide. As it has been said before we prefer peace but the fear factor this product reflects is notable. It represents street life to the fullest and deserves attention on many levels.

This bling is one size fit all homie. Even if you got crooked teeth, you can use the included molding kit to make this piece fit your grill with no trouble. Although the gold fronts might not be real gold, it looks the part! The homeboys and girls won’t be able to tell the difference. Below, you’ll find this grill’s best features.

  • Affordable in all sense of the word
  • Very unique and will surely attract a lot of attention
  • An AK47, you can feel the realness!
  • Can fit anyone’s mouth
  • Included molding kit is easy to use
  • Durable and built to last

Well dawg, if you don’t wanna be a punk, you gotta check out the AK47 Hip Hop Gold Fronts. Just remember that this is for the top teeth only! Otherwise, this grill is one of the best! Check it out right now and keep it real!